The Desalination Plant in South Australia

February 8, 2008

Looking at the historical rainfall in the murray darling basin over the last 100 years, I think this drought is a normal periodical occurrence, and does not justify the governments decision to proceed with a desalination plant for south Australia. 

I believe we just need to manage our water use better, and stop all this rice and cotton farming upstream of South Australia 



5 Responses to “The Desalination Plant in South Australia”

  1. mseyfang said


    the current low rainfall may be normal but the amount of water extracted is not. It’s upstream extraction that has caused this drought. And cotton and rice farmers are not to blame, its governmetn who allocate water.

  2. KerryJ said

    Welcome to blogging Leroy! I think we need to de-politicise water allocations – there’s only 21 million of us – and start looking at water as the shared resource that it is.

  3. Ben said

    Some might say that the current low rainfall is periodical but I believe it has everything to do with climate change. Drought, floods, heat, cold, all of the elements are now consistently lasting longer and reaching new extremes.

    I do agree with the fact that the government needs to manage water better but I dont think that they are the reason for lack of water in the murray.

    I think the desal plant is a positive move and that maybe the gov should collect the 35 million that they wasted on mitsubishi for a contract that didnt last, and put it toward to the desal plant to ease the burden.

  4. testleroy said

    Interesting comments
    I also believe that the cost of the de-sal plant will blow out to way over what is being talked about at the moment, and it will put the cost of our water up even more than they say it will.

  5. Michelle said

    I think that WA should be congratulated for having the vision to go ahead with a de-sal plant whilst other states add to climate change by having long winded talk fests filled with hot air.

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